Injustice takes no break, but COPA is

To all interested parties and blog visitors:

Rather than close our site, we are hoping to gather ourselves, in a new form, back together to continue working for justice for people caught in the mass incarceration web of oppression in the U.S. – locally, around the state, nationally, militarily, and internationally. That is, there is a connection between someone going to a county jail for petty theft and a person facing trial for terrorism and blowing up planes, buildings, public spaces or the like.

We use the connections to educate and motivate our work locally as COPA has focused on re-entry and the conditions of local jails.

However, due to some changing circumstances and too few active members at this moment in time, we are announcing a break from our organizational efforts. Individual activists can be found writing letters to prisoners, visiting prisons, writing Op-Ed pieces, organizing voters on issues related to criminal (in)justice system, attending or organizing forums to raise these issues and such.

We welcome comments as the blog will continue to be moderated and we will receive messages. If you would like a member to contact you to make a connection with other activists, just write us a note here at the blog.

Thanks for visiting our blog today. We are all in this together.


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